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There are a number of types of guardianship’s. The most common guardianship’s include:

  • Guardian of the Estate
  • Guardian of the Estate
  • Guardian of Person and Estate
  • Temporary Guardian

Person Only

The Guardian of the Person becomes the custodian of that person and maintains the care and control over them. Guardians have the legal authority to make all personal and medical decisions concerning the care of a child. When a guardian is appointed over a minor, that guardianship temporarily suspends the parental rights and authority of the biological parents. Something important to note is that this suspension will not terminate the biological parent’s rights. There are a number of Nevada Statutes that address guardianship including NRS 159.079, which addresses the function of a guardian of person, which includes a guardian’s responsibilities. A person must also be qualified to become a guardian over another person. The Court has the authority to qualify a guardian. NRS 159.034 addresses the Procedure in a Guardianship matter. It’s very important to understand how a guardianship works, if you are in a position where a guardian is needed. Call Litt Law Firm today for your free consultation.

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Mediation is a process that assists disputing parties in developing and reaching a mutually acceptable outcome facilitated by a balanced and impartial 3rd party (the mediator).

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