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Litt Law Firm is a pre-eminent general practice boutique law firm in Las Vegas with an emphasis in family law, personal injury, and medical malpractice, dedicated to providing a wide variety of legal services and achieving cost-effective results for our clients. Litt Law Firm is a family run law firm with the co-founders being, Richard L. Litt, and his daughter, Amanda E. Litt. Our firm has vast experience in many areas of practice important to family law, including but not limited to divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody and child support, and alimony. We understand how difficult and emotional family law cases can be and we make sure to stand by your side during every step of the process.

The Litt Law Firm also specializes in medical malpractice with one of the senior partners dually licensed as a medical doctor and juris-doctorate. Richard L. Litt’s expertise as both a doctor and a lawyer makes him an exceptional choice for a medical malpractice attorney. Richard L. Litt is one of the only doctor-attorney’s practicing law in the State of Nevada.

Litt Law Firm’s practice expands further with both personal injury, real estate, including contract negotiations and landlord/tenant, with an emphasis on counseling for litigation avoidance. Our firm’s combination of expertise and experience in these practice areas is rare among boutique law firms and makes Litt Law Firm uniquely suited to serve our clients’ varied needs. Richard L. Litt is also a private arbitrator and mediator.  Combined, the attorneys of Litt Law Firm, have settled millions of dollars in negligence cases.